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THANK YOU to everyone who donated their time, money and energy to the making of The Sakada Series.  Thank you especially to our grant funders and sponsors who made this film possible: The Honolulu Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts, the Atherton Family Foundation and Boutique de Voile (NYC).  Thank you to our fiscal sponsor, the Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawaii, and the countless people who helped along the way.

The Sakada Series was created, in large part, to document and preserve an aspect of Filipino-American history in Hawaii to be used as educational material in the study of the Filipino-American experience.  It is also meant to be shared with a broad audience through community screenings and film festivals in hopes of fostering a deeper understanding of the Filipino culture in Hawaii and across the world.

Approximately 100 DVD or Blu-ray copies of The Sakada Series will be donated to schools, communities and organizations who would most benefit from them.  We have targeted priority schools and communities in Hawaii with a large percentage of Filipino population.  We also hope to bring the film to organizations who preserve history, culture and models of plantation life.

Please support our mission to bring The Sakada Series to even more schools, communities and organizations who would benefit from them, by giving a donation through our Fiscal Sponsor, the Filipino American Historical Society of Hawai’i (FAHSOH).  There are often many expenses related to delivering a film to the public including: production, marketing, administrative costs, film festival fees, etc.  Your donation is helpful and greatly appreciated!  All donations are tax-deductible.  Please click here to donate.  You will be taken to who handles donations for FAHSOH.  IMPORTANT: under Program, please select “Sakada Stories Video Project.  Email us at for any questions.

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Photo credit: Hawai’i State Archives

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